Drilling Support Services

Drilling Support Services

Rigmate Energy is proven to deliver partial or entire engineering solutions for drilling operations, using our modern and robust techniques and drilling engineering technologies that are strategically programmed to fit our client's requirements and objectives while paying significant attention to safety and cost.

Our development drilling support services can help you to increase rig utilisation by giving you the flexibility to use the rigs at your disposal in a wider range of situations and conditions.

We have built a global network of exceptionally qualified drilling experts, ensuring we can deliver competence at every phase of installation, operation, maintenance, servicing, monitoring, troubleshooting and repair of oil and gas equipment onshore/offshore.

Our delivery is tailored to specific requirements of our clients’ asset, enhanced by our team, who understand the unique challenges that arise along Nigeria’s offshore acreages.

We utilize modern well engineering techniques and technologies that enhance the optimization of resources and activities – these include directional drilling services, drilling optimization services, digital pipe tally service and formation evaluation while drilling both offshore and onshore including ERD, MPD and HPHT wells. Guided by our client’s needs, our drilling engineering programs execute standard engineering management processes – partial or complete.

While carrying out our offshore activities, we pay significant attention to worker’s safety while ensuring the preservation of the natural aquatic eco-system.

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